Wednesday, June 28 to Friday, June 30, 2017
Area :Exchange Center 3F
Sessions in mainly Japanese

Workshop is a theatre where exhibitors make 30-minute audio / visual presentations to provide technological information in depth.





Lecture abstract

Overview about capabilities and applications of automotive field of Fatigue life predictive software winLIFE
Koh Shomei,  Department of CAE Engineering

winLIFE is a fatigue life simulation tool developed for over 25 years to evaluate the durability/reliability of the automotive field. Life prediction by calculation method certified by actual product design reduces design cost and is applied also to aerospace, infrastructure and other fields. In this presentation, we will introduce product capabilities while introducing examples of introductions.

A key-point of the failure rate calculation for functional safety
FS-Micro Corporation
SAKURAI Atsushi,  CEO & CTO”

ISO 26262 specifies two metrics such as architecture metrics and PMHF (Probabilistic Metric for random Hardware Failures). The speaker provides the key-point of the failure classification and know-how to calculate those metrics easily.

Future Boosting Systems
BorgWarner Turbo Systems
Yukichi Hayashi,  Senior Application Manager

Introduction of future boosting system offered by BorgWarner for internal combustion engine, hybrid, and electric vehicles. We are presenting gasoline VTG, ball bearing as conventional boosting technology, as well as eBooster®, eTurbo®, fuel cell air supply as electrified boosting technology.

Attractiveness of Laser Hardening
Chunichi Craft Co Ltd
Hiroyuki Kanamori

Pioneer of laser, Provides the latest surface modification technology to irradiate the surface of mold instantaneously by quenching semiconductor laser, and to partially cure. He also worked on overlay welding with solid-state laser and learned technology to change monozukuri. Low thermal strain, precise processing is possible.

Introduction of case studies and latest information of material simulation for filters, fuel cell & lithium-ion
SCSK Corporation
Masahiro Shigemura,
Sales Team.Ⅰ,Sales Dept.Ⅰ, Chubu IT Platform Solutions Div, IT Platform Solutions Group

Introduces state-of-the-art case studies to get the solutions for improvement of Lithium-ion energy density to meet ZEV regulation, price reduction of fuel cell vehicles and strength problem of plastic composites for lightweighting with software “GeoDict” (developed in Fraunhofer ITWM originally).

Configurable Data Fusion based on Sensor Characterization
Vector Japan Co., Ltd. / BASELABS GmbH
Robin Shubert,  CEO and Co-Founder BASELABS GmbH

For automated vehicles, data fusion is a core technology. In this presentation, it is shown how data fusion can be configured to various sensors. Furthermore, it is discussed how sensors can be characterized to identify appropriate data fusion parameters.

Innovate the Car Production for Computerized & Light-weighted Cars, Leading-edge Dispensing Technology of MUSASHI.

We will introduce our examples of Latest Solutions about Next-generation Automobiles production. Our topics are below; improvement of reliability ( Waterproof, Dustproof, Heat dissipation ,Vibrationproof etc), Bonding Different materials for Light-weighting etc.

Automotive Ethernet is moving towards the introduction – Vector solution for network development.
Vector Japan Co.,Ltd
Junichi Takemoto,  Networks & Distributed Systems

As high-speed communication is necessary due to the advancement of high functionality, automobile manufacturers are adopting and developing Ethernet. Introduce the trends and challenges of in-vehicle Ethernet, Vector solutions as “16-ports” hardware “VN 5640″ and a development tool “CANoe.Ethernet”.

Improving model based design efficiency with XILS efforts and new HILS currently under development
A&D Company,Limited
Tomohide Maeda,  Design and Development Division 2 XILS PJ / Assistant Manager
A&D provides HILS and RPT for control development tools. The increasing complexity of control development is leading to greater adoption of MBD making the best tools more necessary as well. We present our efforts currently in development for new HILS and XILS to improve MBD quality and efficiency.

From MBSE to hard & software design, virtual trial manufacture Next-generation car development solution of ANSYS
ANSYS Japan K.K.
Takashi Kotera, Technical Department / Manager

Electric vehicles are freed from constraints of the engine and the drive train, so it is possible to create completely new products with high degrees of freedom. Motor electromagnetic field and control system, heat management, embedded software connecting the driver and its system. We will introduce these latest solutions.

Efforts towards higher revolution fully variable engine (ultra-high response servo valve)
A&D Company,Limited
Tetsuro Kobayashi,  Mechanical Design Headquarters, Division 4 / Deputy Manager

Introduction to the performance of fully variable engines equipped with ultra-high response servos. Fully variable engines are driven by pistons with hydraulic actuators. Our newly developed ultra-high response servo valves drive hydraulic actuators at high speeds for higher revolution fully variable engines.

Introduction of automation system for vehicle evaluations testing with chassis dynamometer (Drive Robot for Exhaust Gas Analyze Unit)
MASATO KOUNO,  Dynamometer Systems Engineering Section 2/Senior Engineer

The drive robot for automatic operation with chassis dynamometer is mainly used for durability test of automobile. Recently, it’s used for performance test, as emission and fuel consumption test. This presentation introduces MEIDENSHA latest drive robot system that is used for automobile performance test.

Moving belt system with precise force measurement for accurate simulation of tires in real road
A&D Company, Limited
Tomokazu Matsuyoshi,  Mechanical Design Headquarters, Division 4 / Manager

A&D’s flat belt tire testing rig continues to evolve while being used for various applications. Their main characteristics until now were recorded data accuracy and transient testing with simultaneous multi-axis control. We present our new testing rig uses fluid bearings for an even wider range of applications.

48Volt Torque Vectoring Electric Rear Drive Module (eRDM)
BorgWarner Power Drive Systems
John A. Barlage,  Director of Product Strategy

The 48V eRDM system uses an electric machine to generate full-function torque vectoring as well as providing electric boost and regenerative braking hybrid electric functionality delivering fuel economy and CO2 benefits which are not achievable by conventional torque vectoring axle systems.

it is progress even further that both Harness and Hopes issues provide visualization in real time.
SCSK Corporation
Tomoaki Ito
Sales Team.Ⅰ,Sales Dept.Ⅰ, Chubu IT Platform Solutions Div, IT Platform Solutions Group

Until now, the flexible parts (ex. Harness or Hopes) were estimated and designed using “experience values”. “IPS Cable Simulation” provides visualization in real time, which enables interactive working of whole product design process. This report is the latest technology and user case study.

PTC Heater Technology
BorgWarner Emission Systems
Mr. William O’Connor,
Emissions Systems Ireland/ Chief Engineering Manager

BorgWarner PTC Heaters guarantee maximum passenger comfort and maintaining highest safety standards in HVAC Systems in vehicle application of Diesel, Gasoline, HV, and EV.

The development speed in Japan lags behind the world
Mouser Electronics
Shinji Yoko,  Executive Advisor

The development speed in Japan lags behind the world; Mouser provides the model to shorten by 1-4 months. As electronics is digitalized, Japan’s development speed has been lagged behind the world. Now Warren Buffet‘s MOUSER introduces an innovative business model to overturn the conventional wisdom in the electronics industry. ~Significant shortening measures for Time to Design ~






Lecture abstract

Powertrain Trends and Importance of Forecast
IHS Markit Automotive
HATANO, Toru, Principal Analyst — Japan & Korea Powertrain Forecasts

• Latest Powertrain forecasts for America, Europe and Asia
• Inter-connectivity between key drivers and forecast analysis
• What are the key drivers that shape powertrain development?

Materials Characterization Laboratory/Senior Research Chemist
Toray Research Center, Inc.
Takayuki Hirano,
Materials Characterization Laboratory/Senior Research Chemist”

R&D of automobile is forced to be changed by technical innovation like electric motion and weight reduction. We support your development and manufacturing of “”car making”" by advanced analytical technique. In this lecture, we introduce our technique related to problem solving about the adhesion.

Competitive Dynamics as a result of Global Sourcing Shift and Global M&A
IHS Markit Automotive
Masatoshi Nishimoto,  Manager, Japan/Korea Light Vehicle Production Forecasting”

Impact analysis of protective trading policies such as ‘Hard Brexit’ selected by Britain and ‘America First’ as promoted by the United States on global automobile production strategies. We will also examine the dynamics of the competitive environment created by further mergers and acquisitions promoted by global TOP 3 manufacturers.

HEV P2 clutch and e-motor concepts for different transmission architectures
BorgWarner Transmission Systems
Eckart Gold / John A. Barlage
Sr. Manager Advanced Engineering DCTS/Director of Product Strategy, PDS

For plug-in hybrid vehicles a variety of different system architectures (P0-P4) are discussed or already available in the market. One architecture which currently is facing a lot of interest is the so called P2 arrangement. We will discuss different P2 architectures and options on e-motor and clutch designs.

Proposal of new method of evaluation and debugging for recent sophisticated automotive network
Teledyne LeCroy Japan Corporation
Wataru Ito,  Application Engineer

We propose the evaluation and debugging various protocols used for in-vehicle network supporting connected car. I will talk about BroadR-Reach/100BASE-T1 as Automotive Ethernet, CAN FD which is the core of the control system and SENT for the sensor bus. We will also cover USB PD using Type-C connector.

Daicel-Evonik’s Engineering Plastics and Lightweight Technology
Daicel-Evonik Ltd.
Mitsuteru Mutsuda,  Daicel-Evonik Ltd. Technical Center / General Manager Technical Center

HV, EV, FCV … many revolutionary technologies are now coming up. This workshop mainly focuses on “Lightweight Design” as a key word and explains that some new ideas for automobile based on Daicel-Evonik’s unique materials and technologies.

SCANeR™studio as the ADAS development platform
Masuharu Endo,  Engineering Department

SCANeRstudio is a driving simulator software suitable for simulating ADAS and Self Driving Car.
The software has many features to control the integrated testing system for advanced vehicle technology.
- Contents
ADAS simulation, Sensors, HILS connection, SDK, and testing system examples in detail.

We will solve problems when building “traceability management process”
DTS INSIGHT Corporation
Yoshiaki Kariya,  First Business Headquarters, Embedded Product Dept. / Department Manager

When constructing the “”traceability management process”", many problems arise depending on the scale of the target project and the development situation. We will explain about the problem solving effort by giving an example of problems actually occurred in tool introduction and process construction.

What is the true challenge in RDE? -Learned from HORIBA’s Experience-
Yosuke Kondo,  Product R&D Center 1, Automotive Measurement, R&D Department

With measuring vehicle emissions using on-board exhaust gas measuring systems, test factors such as driving environment and equipment installation now have a significant influence on test results. We will be introducing challenges and countermeasures from our testing experiences with our on-board emissions measuring device.

IHS Goldfire – The solutioD41:F41n to make a sustainable innovation by leveraging company’s knowledge.
Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.


Connected and Autonomous Vehicle – Rising to the Validation Challenge
Koji Chihara,  MIRA Project, Sales Division
Future consumers will increasingly demand automated driving functions. Validating these functions by current methods is complex and costly, and probably unrealistic for SAE level 4 or 5 systems. This presentation explains the test and validation problems presented by automation, and explores how they might be overcome by alternative approaches.

Comprehensive testing/verification services which UL offer for the development of next‐generation vehicle as well as safer and more comfortable operation of connected car, in-vehicle devices.
UL Japan, Inc.
Yoshinobu Asai,
Consumer Technology Division, Commercial Group, EMC/Wireless Sales / Sales

We introduce new laboratory “UL ATC”, which locates in Aichi and will start dedicated Wireless/EMC services for Automotive industry from Jun.1, 2017. And we present comprehensive testing/verification services which UL offer for next‐generation vehicle, connected car and in-vehicle devices such as Wireless/EMC, Global Market Access, Radar, Wireless charging, Logo certificates, Interoperability (IOP), 3G/4G, Cybersecurity etc.

Embracing Global Mega-Trends one Component at a time:  Supplying the Auto Industry to 2025
IHS Markit Automotive
Graham Evans Principal Analyst – Auto Component & Technology

・ Overview on unprecedented levels of change in industry driven by electrification, CAFE CO2 regulation and air pollution
・ Component level Forecasting
・ Emission hardware deep-dive: structure of forecast, GPF technology, and key trends
・ Torque transfer deep-dive: structure of forecast, e-axle, driveline disconnect technology, and key trends
・ Thermal Management deep-dive: structure of forecast, active grill shutter technology, and key trends

Benchmarking activities for analysis and identification of potential areas of fuel consumption efficiency improvement
IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
Toni Fargas,  Powertrain

Benchmarking for the improvement of vehicle fuel consumption is a powerful tool which allows the product to be enhanced by comparing it with the best-in-class technology. This enables solutions to be found and implemented during the development phases.

Trends of Next Generation Automotive MCU Architecture and Technical Challenges in Complex Architecture to Meet Performance Goal
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Kentaro Yasuda,  FAE, Verification Group

Automotive MCU has a strong trend to use multi-core architecture. Users of Automotive MCU need to consider appropriate architecture for their application to meet performance goals. Besides, existing challenges in multi-core architecture during its usage in other market segments also need to be considered. This session will introduce these trends and solution to architecture optimization.

Updated safety assist protocols for Euro NCAP 2018
IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
Jordi Bargalló,  ADAS

Euro NCAP has been a driving force for safety requirements over the last 20 years, and will continue setting the trend in the future. In the presentation, the new protocols for 2018 addressing active safety will be discussed, including Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Support Systems.

SaberES Designer: Platform for Electric System Design & Verification
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Manabu Ishikawa,  Sr. CAE, Verification Group

SaberES Designer provides design team an integrated process for electrical system design from concept to manufacturing. Come learn how SaberESD minimizes data entry, manages complex, system-wide design variants, enables concurrent engineering, maintains data integrity, and allows efficient exchange with 3D CAD.

IDIADA’s approach to optimizing aerodynamics; the CRONUS concept car
IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
Enric Aramburu,  Design Engineering

EV aerodynamics is considered to be both a challenge and an opportunity for designers and aerodynamicists. IDIADA will present the Cronus project, an EV compact SUV concept car with breakthrough aerodynamic solutions. The Cronus includes active and passive aerodynamic enablers that focus on key areas such as the wheelhouses and underbody.

Introduction of “SIMDRIVE3D” ~ Multi-Body Simulation Software for power train system ~
Ryosuke Goto,  CAE Support Div.

Due to strict emission constraint, unceasing innovation is required in the development of automotive power train system. An example of power train simulation using multi-body simulation software “SIMDRIVE3D” which has graphical 3D user interface and the user can easily obtain high accuracy result without any highly expertise is introduced.






Lecture abstract

Evolving virtual reality. Visualize evaluation and review and create new value. A new world spreads.
SCSK Corporation
Masanori Furui,
Sales Team.Ⅲ,Sales Dept.Ⅰ, Chubu IT Platform Solutions Div,IT Platform Solutions Group

VR where utilization by various situations can be expected. Advances in technology and low-cost, VR is widespread. SCSK will propose VR utilization method in manufacturing technology.

「500% Safe Overload FS & High Accuracy, Best Achieved Simultaneously with Unipulse Force & Torque Measurement」
Unipulse Corporation
Atsushi SHIMAMOTO,  Operating Officer,The head of Engineer
We, at Unipulse perform R&D, manufacture and supply sensors and measuring instruments. These products ranging from compact load cells and Super Cell which has safe overload of 500%, zero balance of 0.2% & rated output of 0.1%. Besides that we do provide high speed & stable load cell indicators along with wide selection of rotary torque meters. In this workshop, we will explain the concept of product development of Unipulse’s products, measurement principles, performance, application, etc.

Automotive Connectivity: Is your car secure?
Dennis Kengo Oka,  ESCRYPT – Embedded Security

With advancements in connectivity and new technologies, the attack surface for automotive systems is increasing. Various new cybersecurity threats are emerging that can have major safety and financial impacts. As a result, it is imperative to understand these threats to apply the appropriate security measures on various levels, thus a holistic security approach is necessary. This talk will present a number of threats and discuss the challenges and approaches for automotive cyber security.

Engine Air Flow Management System
BorgWarner Morse Systems Japan K.K.
Holmes Yosuke,  Application Engineer

“Introduction of the latest hydraulic VCT technology with fast actuation, high stability, multiple start positions, and low oil consumption. Cost effective DVVL system with higher performance will also be introduced.”

Two-wheeled vehicle of the corresponding ultra-compact multi-logger “DLX” introduction CAN / LIN / XCP / thermocouple / analog compatible
ATI Japan
Kengo Okubo,  Director of ATI Japan


Introduction of Minimum telemetry system, New technologies
Matsui Corporation
Takashima Akira,  Tokyo Sales Division / Assistant Manager
In-Gear NVH Sensor Solution Simultaneous measurement of strain, acceleration and temperature. Flexible integration into all driveline components. Sub-miniature size telemetry for multi-channel data transmission

Introduce of ECM company who is the world’s largest producer of ceramic sensor-based engine and combustion system test instrumentation.
ATI Japan
Kengo Okubo,  Director of ATI Japan

ECM’s innovations include: the ceramic sensor-based NOx analyzer, the ceramic sensor-based EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) analyzer, dynamic pressure compensation for ceramic sensors, “smart” ceramic sensors, and fast-response temperature measurement. ECM’s tools are used by major vehicle manufacturers, engine manufacturers, combustion system manufacturers, research institutions, and government agencies throughout the world.

Environmental Testing and Reliability Evaluation Technologies for Car Electronics
JFE Techno-Research Corporation
Yutaka Shimauchi,  Battery・Materials Analysis & Evaluation Center Senior General Manager

With the trends toward ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles) and automated driving systems (self-driving vehicles) in automobiles, evaluation of reliability is extremely important, as some of these systems directly affect human life. The various types of sensors installed around automobiles not only receive damages due to dust and fine sand, but are also exposed to severe corrosion environments and extreme changes in temperature. Many environmental tests and evaluations are also necessary with the system boards used in control. This workshop presents a detailed discussion of topics from various environmental test methods to analysis techniques before/after testing.

Reducing facility investment by 95%. Simulate RDE’s altitude test at your own test bench
Go Kobayashi,  Automotive Measurement Hardware Design Department, Production Division
A major challenge of RDE regulation is engine and exhaust system control in the highlands. But conventional altitude chamber is quite expensive. We propose “”"”Mobile Dynamic Altitude Simulator”"”" with appropriate emission measurement system as a reasonable engine and full vehicle test solution.

Introduction of the latest software development and Simulation technology for autonomous driving by using Model-Based Development (MBD)
dSPACE Japan K.K.
Daisuke Nishio,  Solution Engineering Dept. / Sales Engineer Group
Many companies are keenly developing systems for autonomous driving. dSPACE will focus simulation development environments for ADAS development and provides effective development & cost reduction based on MBD which will show our tools chain and examples of use cases.

Vehicle Resilience -Functional Safety and Cybersecurity-
Koji Chihara,  MIRA Project, Sales Division

Connected and autonomous vehicles bring new challenges in the design of their electronic systems. These include the need for cybersecurity and availability. In this seminar we will describe how standards such as ISO 26262 Edition 2, SAE J3061 and the proposed ISO/SAE cybersecurity standard can help solve these challenges.

Simulation of Adaptive Front-lighting Systems
Synopsys, Inc. /Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
Stefan Ragnow,  Optical Solution Group CAE

Synopsys provides LucidShape that is effective for Automotive Head Lamp Optics design for safety night drive. In this seminar, we will show various aspects of the development of a headlamp with an adaptive driving beam, including dynamic night driving simulation, and how to solve it using LucidShape.

Latest Trends in MCU for ADAS and Success Case of Applying Virtual Prototyping to ADAS MCU
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Keijiro Date,  CAE, Verification Group

Latest MCU for ADAS system needs complex image processing module and accelerator. On the other hand, there is a trend in use of safety specific MCU to meet safety requirements. This session will focus on the trends in ADAS MCU and success case of applying virtual prototyping to ADAS.

Potential of 12μm LWIR Boson for Autonomous/ADAS
Cornes Technologies Limited /FLIR Systems Japan K.K.
Katz Hanazaki,  OEM Component / Senior Business Development Manager

Introducing the water proof long wave infrared (LWIR) sensor Boson ADK (ADAS Dev. Kit) specifically developed for the Autonomous/ADAS market. The latest development of the LWIR sensor that not only compliments CMOS sensors but is actually beneficial in identifying backlit objects or under a low-lit environment will be explained by Katz of FLIR.

Development of Next Generation ADAS with Leading-Edge CNN Processor
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Masaaki Ideno, Staff FAE, Processor Solution, Solutions Group
Next generation of ADAS and auto-drive system requires application of low-power and high performance AI (=Artificial Intelligent) function. Embedded Vision Processor (EVP: EV6x+CNN3.0) provides IP solution with high performance and low power optimized for automotive SoC that requires image recognition by neural network. We will be introducing Embedded Vision Processor (EVP: EV6x+CNN3.0) and the latest update on leading edge neural network technology.

Full camera simulator, from scale 1:1 luminance to HRD contents
Pierre KOPFF,  CEO

We introduce a new camera simulator to be included in HILS. Scale 1:1 brightness (luminance) enables to comprehensively test the camera, including lens and sensor. We provide also contents, either HDR drive video or nano scale HDR CG.

Chain Drive Technology
BorgWarner Morse Systems Japan K.K.
Go Sakuma,  Engineering Dept.  

BorgWarner offers a green solution to OEMs, which provide timing chain system for fuel economy improvement and emission reduction. The content of the presentation highlights the latest technology of friction reduction as timing system, layout optimization, new generation chain and motion control device technology.

FlexRange™ Torque Sensor T12HP: Maximum Precision, Dynamics and Resolution/Power Analyzer and Data Acquisition System for Testing Electrical Drives,ltd.
Manabu Akatsu,  Sales division / Torque Product Manager

One torque sensor, multiple functions – only T12HP can do this. Its superior basic accuracy guarantees precise values over the entire measurement range. This results in the FlexRange™ capability that only T12HP can provide without the need to switch the measuring range like so called dual range sensors do.The non-contacting transducer combines the flexibility of digital signal conditioning with the measurement accuracy of a carrier-frequency amplifier without data or accuracy loss.